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We promote the possibility of professional growth.

The Human Resources area of ​​GrupoSC conducts programs and training with the aim of developing, retaining and motivating its professionals. It also provides job opportunities for those looking to grow and develop in a solid and innovative company.

Meet some of our programs:

Academy of Leaders

Program focused on people management, which contributes to the preparation and development of future leaders, being taught by multipliers at Distribution Centers (CDs) and at the corporate level.

Internal Opportunity Program (POI)

Its objective is to give priority to the company’s employees in filling open positions, offering opportunities for growth in the company and knowledge of other areas.

Internship Program 

It aims to train and develop young talents, offering opportunities for improvement through guided and supervised practices.

Young apprentice Program

Professional development of high school youth, through a partnership with educational institutions and social assistance approved by the government.

PCD Program

We consider diversity and inclusion as essential factors for the development of organizations and society. Thus, GrupoSC promotes the ideal of respect and opportunity for all audiences, offering opportunities in all our departments.

PAG – Management Improvement Program

It aims to create an environment for valuing management and managers through contextualized learning strategies for the development of leaders with an emphasis on the development of organizational skills.

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